Meet Our Interns & Volunteers

We are a community of real creative women combining our strengths, passions and influence to make a difference. We would love to have you join our team.


Jordana ward | brand communications

Hi there! I’m a Florida girl who loves all things fashion, food, and travel-related. In 2008, I graduated from law school and passed the California Bar. As an introvert with extrovert tendencies, I love the research and writing aspect of this field but recognized the litigation/corporate scene was not the best fit for me. I’m thrilled to be working with Charlotte Laila! This opportunity allows me to blend my creative process with my research and writing skills to create content that empowers other creative entrepreneurs.



Hello, my name is Mikkayla! My little family consists of myself, my other half Steven, our silly baby boy Kaesin, and our 4 cats, living in the outskirts of Chilliwack, BC. Before entering motherhood, I graduated post secondary school and became an Esthetician at a spa, which I have worked at for the last 2 years now. I am absolutely excited to join the Charlotte Laila team as I love learning, helping whomever I can, as well as blogging alongside my little man.



Lindsay mcnierney | guest blogger

I'm Lindsay McNierney. I am a stationert, brand and website designer based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am a wife to an incretible an supportive man, and mother of two crazy littles. Once I started designing stationary I instantly fell in love! I have become obsessed with beautiful papers, hand lettering, calligraphy fonts, captivating colours, coding.... basically just creating something beautiful out of nothing!


Sheila gibson | GUEST BLOGGER

After years of writing from a personal perspective, I’ve developed a professional presence as well. I launched with a mission of providing community for people intent on revising their life stories. I write posts to encourage and challenge perspective, overcome fears and obstacles, and confront attitudes that lock individuals into negative mindsets.


MeageN higgnbottom | GUEST BLOGGER

Meagen is a freelance Graphic Designer living in Toronto Canada. Her three obsessions are typography, coffee, and traveling. When she's not designing for other people she loves teaching others how to design over at her blog Forth and Create.