habitat schoolhouse

Preschool Curriculum 

Habitat Schoolhouse contains over 850 wholesome lessons that are designed to..

  • Create a positive attitude about learning and education
  • Develop a love of stories and books
  • Learn the letters of the alphabet
  • Increase oral vocabulary
  • Encourage an interest in nature
  • Introduce structure and a healthy learning environment
  • Learn shape and number recognition
  • Develop healthy habits
  • Create a well-rounded student who's ready to start Kindergarten

Our Dream For You

Our dream is that you dare to dream big and move mountains. Our hope that through our wholesome home school curriculum you are able to provide the best education for your child. 

We strive to create a positive attitude about learning and education as well as encourage an interest in nature and curiosity.

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We are currently offering our full curriculum bundle and workbook at $62, that is less than $2.50 a week. If you wish to forgo purchasing the full curriculum, individual weeks are currently $14 each. Weeks purchased separately would be $364 in total, so the full curriculum bundle price represents $300 in savings.
Your purchase includes lifetime access to our 2 to 6-year-old curriculum and its future updates.


Simply follow the weeks in sequence and start any time! 


number 5


Month 1

Letters: A, T, B and S
Colours: Yellow, Black, Brown, Blue
Numbers: 1 through 5
Shapes: Circle, Ovals, Triangles
Animals: Ant, Armadillo, African Animals, Bee, Bug, Butterfly, Bear, Bird, Tiger, Sloth, Turtle
Nature: Apples, Trees, Stars, Shells, Strawberries 

Month 2

Letters: C,D,E and F
Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red
Numbers: 1 through 10
Shapes: Crescent, 
Animals: Caterpillars, Chameleon, Dragonflies, Ducks, Earthworms, Fish, Frogs
Nature: Clouds, Carrots, Flowers, Eggs, Earth, Fruit 


Month 3

Letters: G, H, I and J
Colours: Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow
Numbers: 1 through 14 
Shapes: Heptagon, Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Heart
Animals: Grasshopper, Inchworm, Jaguar, Jellyfish,  Hedgehog, Hummingbird, Hippopotamus
Nature: Garden, Geography, Gorilla, Habitat 

Month 4

Letters:  K, L, M and N
Colours: Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red
Numbers:  1 through 18
Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Trapezoid
Animals: Katydid, Ladybug, Lion, Koala, Mouse, Narwhal, Kangaroo
Nature:  Moon, Mountain, Nest, Kelp, Mango, Lake, Light


Month 5

Coming Soon

Month 6

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