Item of the Month // Dwell Magazine

Item of the Month // Dwell Magazine Near the end of every month I will be posting a favourite item of mine. This month’s item is - Dwell Magazine!

I’ve been following this magazine since 2009. Dwell is a modern design and architecture magazine. Their goal is to take the perfectly arranged home you typically see in a home design magazine and turn on its head. They show how beautiful a home can be with real people living in it, instead of showing an immaculately or perfectly set up room.

They feature designers, architects, people and their homes, as well as products for your home like architectural furniture, modern wallpaper, or planters.

Reasons I Enjoy This Item: - It satisfies my love for architecture, furniture and design. - Every month there is something new. - It gives me ideas for my own home. - It features and supports independent businesses. - It features and supports architects and designers. - The paper it’s printed on feels amazing.

Well done Dwell Magazine!

FullSizeRender (2)image2 (2)image1 (2)Photo Credit: I took photos of two Dwell Magazines I own