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Birch Landing Home:I had the pleasure of contacting Sarah, a blogger and small business owner of Birch Landing Home located in New Hampshire. She is an Esty Shop owner, stay-at-home mom, crafter, and self-proclaimed “Pinterest Addict”. I found her Instagram and fell in love. Sarah has always been creative; going on maternity leave gave her the perfect opportunity to start her Esty shop.  Her focus is making items for the home and wedding décor out of natural materials like wood and burlap.

blhPhoto Credit: Birch Landing Home

Her Inspiration & Support: Sarah says that she is most drawn to “natural materials and rustic elements”. Still working on finding her niche, her eclectic taste and desire to create is evident in the beautiful materials she uses and in the items she creates. The focus of her shop is to use natural materials. Her husband and father in law are very supportive and supply her with the wood used for her work.

Day-To-Day & Overcoming Obstacles: The majority of her day is spent with her daughter. “My biggest hurdle by far is lack of time.” As a stay-at-home mom Sarah has little to no free time. During naps and late at night she gets most of her work done. Other than collecting wood she does everything herself in her craft room or more often than not, her dining room table.

“I cut, drill, sand, etch, string, and package each one myself.”

IMG_0364Photo Credit: Birch Landing Home

Accomplishments & Future Goal: Sarah makes beautiful hand etched ornaments. Her snowflake ornaments were an ‘Instagram favourite feature’ in the Martha Stewart Living magazine December 2014.In the coming months she hopes to see an increase her sales and further develop her blog.

“It was a HUGE honor and helped boost my Etsy shop and blog… Don't underestimate the power of social media.”

imagePhoto Credit: Birch Landing Home

Sarah has been very encouraging and supportive throughout this whole experience. I can’t wait to see what wedding and home décor she brings to her Etsy shop. I look forward to watching her business and her blog grow.

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