7 Woe Fighting Aromas

Winter can be difficult; its dark for longer periods of the day and most of your time is spent indoors. You may feel an increase in fatigue and a lower mood.These 7 smells are my little tips to lift your spirits and improve your well-being.

7 Woe Fighting Aromas Oranges Incense Coffee Earl Gray Matcha Cloves Lavender

oranges Oranges – The scent given off when cutting into or peeling an orange relieves stress, improves the digestive system and boosts the metabolism; without even having to ingest it. Around this time of year it’s easy to find them at the grocery store.




Incense – nag chompa is the most common incense. It is used a lot in yoga studios because it aids in relaxation and focus. It also stimulates the immune system.



For me this scent is very nostalgic. I got hooked on this smell while I was living in the Fraser Valley. My bedroom was above a tattoo studio which always had Nag Chompa burning. I will always be thankful for the time I lived there and what I learned and how much I grew as a person. Now, I burn it in my home. I love to light it when I sit down at my desk to start my day. When my boyfriend gets home from work he always mentions how good the house smells after I have been burning incense. It brings relaxation and creates a calm environment.

Coffee Coffee- Do you ever start to feel more awake when you brew a pot of coffee? Well there is a reason for it, the smell of coffee actually aids in waking you up. A boost of caffeine in the morning helps to get you going for the day ahead.

I like to take a break every once in a while and indulge in a hazelnut late from Starbucks. That seems to give me the  boost I need when I have a creative block or am feeling unproductive.

EarlGreyEarl grey – This tea aids digestion, relieves anxiety and depression and increases energy levels. Take some time out of your day to cozy up with your tea and the book you've been meaning to read.  For me I’ve gotten into such a routine that even smelling this tea makes me feel more  relaxed.



Matcha –  Match has a calming effect. It improves concentration, brightens skin and promotes weight loss.




A glass of Matcha tea also improves brain function and is much more effective than green tea. It can come as a hot or cold beverage. I actually prefer to have it chilled



Cloves - Relieve stress, aches and pains.I use cloves all over the house this time of year. It can be crushed in a mortar and pestle to make my Moroccan recipe. I also used it in simmering potpourri.



IMG_1542 (1)Lavender- Lavender relieves head and stomach aches, it's good for relaxation, relieves tress, anxiety and depression. it also treats insomnia and restlessness as well as improves skin complexion.



Essential oils such as lavender have mental physical and emotional benefits. I use essential oils daily. They are a good option instead of using over the counter medication. I prefer using something natural than manufactured. It’s much safer and can be used on anyone from children to adults.

“Lavender relieves head and stomach aches, it’s good for relaxation, relieves stress, anxiety and depression, treats insomnia and restlessness as well as improves skin complexion.

If I’m having a stressful day I take time to myself and have a relaxing soak in a Epsom salt lavender bath, light some candles and have a glass of wine.

There are many benefits of an Epsom salt soak. It relieves stress and muscle pain. It and relaxes the body. It improves sleep and skin complexion. It eliminates toxins from the body.

I you’re feeling low during this gloomy time of year I hope these smells lift your spirits. They sure work for me!