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about image 001 Charlotte, 22

I live with my amazing boyfriend, Chris, in an old tudor style apartment in Vancouver BC. I  am an artist, a vegetarian, a foodie, a blogger, and an avid dog lover.

I love to collect vintage cookware (Pyrex, Pyrex, Pyrex).

I am a bit of a coffee snob, I won't drink anything other than Starbucks dark roast, and I'm "that" person in line with a very specific long order. (What can I say? I know what I like.)

I am all about supporting makers, artists and small businesses. I am also completely obsessed with tattoos (I have a lot, including a Star Wars character).

I am inspired by other artists and independent businesses. I like to surround myself with creative minds; tattoo artists, painters, sculptures, makers, carvers and other bloggers.

When I’m not blogging I am either painting, enjoying nature, or redecorating our apartment. (Or binge watching Netflix.)

I created this lifestyle blog to share my life with you and inspire others to live intentionally. Eventually I would like to open my own Etsy shop selling handmade items.

I am still working on finding my 'niche'.

Thank you for the support.

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