A Look At Twenty Fifteen


Twenty Fifteen was a crazy year. So many ups and downs and surprises I could never have imagined. We became pregnant, I quit being a vegetarian, we got a dog and I started my own business. Here are a few snapshots of how this year went. January – Started a new job

February – Trip to Vancouver

March – Brought our little hound dog Hank home.

April – Got promoted at work

May – Celebrated our one year anniversary .. got pregnant

June – Found out we're pregnant from what I thought was heatstroke.

July – Started eating meat after four years of being a vegetarian. Not much happened other than pregnancy food cravings.. Oh I had deep fried pickles for the first time. Yum!

August – Announced that we are pregnant

September – Walked the Sea Wall for the first time

October – Spent my twenty third birthday with my two boys

November – Launched the monthly boxes

December – Lovely Christmas vacation in the mountains up north.

I'm anxiously waiting to meet our little human. I can't wait to see where next year has to bring!!

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