Blog Share: I'm A First Time Dad

My boyfriend started a blog expressing his thoughts and experiences about becoming a first time dad. I thought I would share one of his latest entries on our prenatal class we attended over the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing what else he shares once we have our little one. Check out his blog, I'm A First Time Dad, and give him a follow!

It’s All About Her…

Chris Stewart | Jan, 25, 2016

In the last few weeks Charlotte and I have been waiting to attend our prenatal class. Instead of taking the week to week classes, we decided to do it all in one day: 7 hours of learning. Now as expected, most of our friends had opinions about prenatal class, some for it, some against it, some undecided.

The arguments I mostly heard for it? Learn how to breastfeed, learn how to hold the baby, learn perhaps what to buy for the baby, baby, baby, baby.

Baby, baby, baby, baby…

The arguments I mostly heard against it, or undecided? “Holding the baby can’t be all that hard…”, “Just take care of the baby and you’ll be fine…”, baby, baby, baby.

Of course I have my own opinions about it, most of which are good, some of which surround the fact I’m not sure how much I’m going to learn. After all, most of us have cared for a child in some form or another in our lives; whether it be little cousins, kids of friends, camp kids, or perhaps younger siblings. I was pretty comfortable with the whole baby thing. Baby, baby, baby.

What I needed to learn the most about was not how to take care of the baby at all, it was how to take care of the mother…

Its interesting when you think about how our opinions always jump towards the “natal” side of the prenatal class. Little did I know the thing I needed to learn the most about was not how to take care of the baby at all, it was how to take care of the mother. Unlike everyone’s experiences with kids and babies, almost no one I know, save the fathers of course, have ever had to sit through 6-20 hours of a woman’s labor and be depended upon for 100% support.

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