Birth Story - His Perspective Pt 1


Since the birth of our little girl I haven't found an opportunity to really sit down and allot the time to write Jane's birth story. I am planning on eventually putting pen to paper, so to speak, and sharing my perspective on the hole ordeal but until then I thought I would share a piece of her birth story from Dada's perspective. As a few of you already know Chris - my boyfriend and amazing daddy to Jane -  started a little blog where he has been sharing his thoughts on being a parent. Soon after her birth he wrote a portion of her story from his point of view.

The following is an excerpt from his larger post which can be found HERE.

Contractions … It Begins

Chris Stewart | Feb, 23, 2016

"Quarter to midnight Charlotte shakes me awake and says “I think I’m having real contractions now, less than 5 minutes apart!”

… “less than 5 minutes apart!” I wake up and it takes me a second to process what she said, but then it hits me: I am about to become a father, a keeper of a child, a dad. I grab my phone, pull up the stopwatch and wait for the next contraction to start.

She grimaces and I start the timer.

She relaxes click: 59s long contraction.

She tenses again click: 4min rest.

The contractions at this point were relatively low on the pain scale (my words don’t tell Charlotte) and we were excitedly and nervously chatting during the contractions about the exciting morning to come."