Juice Cleanse 101 + Video

Hey everyone I'd like to introduce the first blog post from our amazing guest blogger, Alexandria MacFarlane. (@thealexandriamac on Instagram) You  can look forward to seeing her posts on the 15th and 30th of each month. Enjoy!

JUICE CLEANSE 101 By:Alexandria MacFarlane

“I need to go on a juice cleanse”, was usually what I would say after an adult beverage filled weekend. I was always curious about them, but never got around to actually doing it! After my eating habits had gone sideways and nights out became more frequent, I decided April was my month to get back on track! No alcohol and taking the gym and eating much more seriously. So to start, I began with a juice cleanse.

Now, I didn’t embark on this glorious adventure because I wanted something to kick-start me losing those extra 10 lbs. I did it because I wanted to detoxify my body, to get restart; which is exactly what it did.

The first day was a definite challenge. While living a vegan lifestyle, I’m used to eating almost every hour or two! It wasn’t the fact that I was actually hungry during this period of time, it was that I was just craving to actually CHEW something! That was definitely the most challenging part of it all. I was honestly expecting the worst… I’ve heard horror stories of fainting, no energy, withdrawals and the dreaded… washroom visits. But I can now say, WITH FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, it was not as bad as I assumed! (Especially the washroom visits).

There are so many benefits to this 3 day juice cleanse, and I list them all right here in my video. So take a peek! If you’re looking for something to kick-start you’re healthy mantra, get rid of those nasty toxins & over-all enhance your well-being, I highly recommend a juice cleanse. I promise you… It’s really not that bad.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JFtMNCp0q4]