Social Networks: Where should your business hang out more?

Social Networks: Where should your business hang out more?


I know you are already more than excited to launch over all the internet, the moment your business is already done, but hold on a minute! If you want quality visitors, don’t go everywhere. There are some essential steps that are needed to be followed, especially when it comes to social networking.

As I said before, you can’t spread your business everywhere. Sure, if you are a CEO to a huge corporation with employees who are assigned to work the social media part, no problem, go ahead with that! But we are now talking strictly about the way you need to handle when you just launched your new business. You, your - meaning, when you are the only employer and employee.This is for the online entrepreneurs who just started out. Time has its limit, so has the budget, this is why you need to pay attention in what you invest in.

You know, being a solo-preneur, doing all the stuff by yourself, it could be overwhelming. Even if you hire an assistant, you will still need to monitor anything. And monitoring every social network platform could get you slightly mad. This is why you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Your business’ description

  • Your business’ audience

  • Your business’ goals

  • Your brand


Just pay attention to those, list anything that comes in your mind and start figuring out the main idea of it. And since you have the idea, you are good to go viral! But wait, there is more!


Research is essential before you go social. Search which platform is best for what type of business, or which industry. Meaning, if you have a food blog business, it’s pointless to focus on LinkedIn. But we’ll be there in a moment.


What I am trying to express is that taking care of all the social networks will tire you up until at one point, you will stop engaging, not to mention posting. You will mix up ideas and posts, and you will have no fun into monitoring them anymore.


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This is why my strong advice is: Focus on 2 social network, not more. Sure, you can promote on all the social networks, but just focus on 2. The 2 that are relevant to you and your business. It will save you enough time to take care of other important tasks. This will also allow you to engage easier, to talk to other people, while remembering them. This is a huge positive aspect for a business start-up.


But let’s make a recap for the current best social networks, in which I will show you which is designed for, how much would you post, and what else should you do. Maybe this would be useful or you, maybe not, but in any case, you should always make a research. So pay attention to those, I will tell you which type of businesses will be greater for which social networks.



Let’s start with the God of Social Networks. Facebook is basically for everyone. Even if you have a fashion blog and you hang out more on Pinterest and Instagram, you should also have a FB page. Why? Because it’s like having a website. The Facebook page is the new website with a better engagement.

My advice is to post no more than 1 post per day. Ok, maybe 2, but NOT MORE, if you want to keep your follower’s number up. There is no general rule of when to post, but if you monitor the insights, you will see the time interval with the most visitors, reaches and all.

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Twitter is not a must channel you should use - except if you’re a journalist, or have a journal agency, or something that needs to spread the information quickly. Twitter is great for chatting with other people in your niche, or spread your new articles, who knows how many they’ll be retweeted. In other words, you can obviously use Twitter, but again, if you have a business type that doesn’t need fast spreading, don’t focus that much on it.

Twitter is a great engagement system, so if your business needs that, you can go for it. You can start spreading your new idea by starting a conversation to all your followers.

About posting: post multiple times per day, but try more to retweet other people’s stuff, for a better image.



Now we enter the social networks that are better for some business types than other. Instagram is well known to be great for the following niches: food/recipes, fashion, lifestyles, travelling, basically anything that has something to show in a pretty way, since Instagram is a visual-based social network. If you own a business based on visual, I strongly suggest to focus on Instagram as one of the social networks.

One post per day is great on Instagram, engage with others as much as you can, but only to related followers, that are in the same niche as you. Don’t over-comment with useless comments, be authentic. has a great FREE Instagram course for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Click below to sign up or find out more



The same as Instagram, Pinterest is more focused on something visual related: food, fashion, books, DIY stuff, weddings, design and so on. But mind you, Pinterest is more of a search engine rather than a social network. Pinterest is great when you want to grow your blog’s audience, since the pins are rapidly getting repinned, meaning, stuff can get viral fast! Check out this post on how to set up your Pinterest account to increase blog traffic.

You can post anytime, people like to scroll a lot on Pinterest. There is no rule, go crazy!


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LinkedIn is perfect for more corporate-like business types. If you launch a recruitment agency, LinkedIn will be your god. LinkedIn is a professional social network, so don’t post your food recipes because no one will care haha! Sure, if you have blogs related to well-being, maybe they will. Because you know, corporate life sometimes need a bit of well-being! *Wink wink*

On LinkedIn it’s ok to post 2 or 4 times per week, not more than that.


As we all know, YouTube is more of a video-based social network. YouTube will be great for you only if your business includes videos. Let’s go to the food blogging example: if your food blog also includes videos in which you are there to bake or cook, they must go on YouTube, hands down!

It’s ok to post twice a week.

So those are the main big social networks that need to be focused on, but not all of them! Just think about what you want to express, what are you goals, where is your hidden audience. Are your more professional/corporate based business, or more of a fashion/lifestyle blogger?

And the last piece of advice: always do your research! You won’t regret it! :)

big thank you to our guest blogger

Maria Slama
Project Manager + Business Strategist.