One Mindset Shift Which Will Dramatically Improve Your Marketing Results

One Mindset Shift Which Will Dramatically Improve Your Marketing Results


Successful Marketing is the biggest game changer when it comes to business results.  Yes you need a good product, you need to have your operations down so you can actually service your customers and make sure they are happy.  But without Marketing, no-one will ever know you exist.

The good thing is there is a lot of information out there about Marketing, yaaay! So, as a new business owner it has never been easier to learn everything you need to learn in order to market your business online.

However, there seems to be a bit of an imbalance in the information and tactics. And an imbalance in the Marketing Activities that new business owners are taking.

I want to address this imbalance today, because without a course correction there are going to be a few big players and a lot of people finding it very hard to drive the traffic and revenue they need for their business.

The imbalance is around content creation & content promotion.

About three of four years ago there was a big wobbly online.  The first ever Penguin and Panda updates.  Google cracked down on poor content and poor links, it was a big move towards making the internet better for everyone. At the time it wasn’t so great for a lot of companies, as an SEO I was part of a team needing to fix the issues created by poor content marketing at a very well known UK brand.  So I saw the effects of these updates first hand - a lot of money was lost.

However, in the long run I think it has dramatically improved the quality of content and yes, the internet.

But on the other side, the update did strike a lot of fear into people.  The new game was about creating content for your own website and just focusing on that.  Business owners became fearful of doing anything else other than generating content for their own website and promoting it over Social Media.

This is kind of akin to standing on the corner of a quiet road with a speaker phone and shouting out about your service.

A few people will lift up the curtains to have a peep, perhaps you will get some passers by stop off.

Yes, if they like what you have to say they might stick around for a while.

But, is this the best use of your time? Or would it be better to move around a bit, perhaps there is a local group you could go to and join, run an event for. Or speak to for example.  What about a conference?

You could apply to do a talk there or a workshop perhaps.  To get the best results you would mix it up a bit right!

Well, when it comes to the majority of Marketing Plans I see the same thing.

Content creation, and then promotion through your OWN channels.  Tons and tons and tons of content is being created and then pushed out onto Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest through your own blog, to your own email list.


I am not saying social media isn’t worth whilst investing in.  It absolutely is! Pinterest in particular is a major area of focus for me right now as I can see the huge amounts of traffic its driving.

But, it’s important to diversify.

For example, you can leverage other people’s audiences and communities to drive brand exposure, referral traffic and search engine traffic back to your website.   Every time you do this you are widening your own circle of influence.

A single Guest Post on a well engaged website can drive hundreds of leads to your website. And it can continue to drive leads week, on week, on week.  Just imagine the compounding effect of that.

And at the same time as this Guest Post sending you leads it is also helping your own content rank in Google! In the long term your search engine traffic is going to go up and keep building week on week as well.

Imagine what would happen if instead of writing 3 posts per week, you wrote one post per week for your website and then placed those other 2 posts on other websites linking back to the post you have written.

I see so much amazing work being done, so much creativity being poured out and I am so excited by it!!

My fear is that a lot of it is never ever read because of this one simple mindset shift. Stop being fearful of the Penguin and the Panda, they weren’t meant for you, they were meant for big brands gaming the system.

Why not step down off your podium every now and again and go and find some other communities to speak to.