3 Tips For Holiday Blogging

3 Tips For Holiday Blogging

What better time of year than the most wonderful time of the year to spice up your blog?!

Online activity is in overdrive during the holidays, which means lots of traffic! In order to lure some of that foot traffic over to your own personal site, here are three tips for blogging during the busy holiday season. 

Tip #1: Step Up Your Content

These days it’s not about how much content you have but rather, the quality of content.  People are drawn in by good quality photographs.  Take Instagram for example, the accounts that possess the most followers are those that center on one specific topic and do so with high-quality posts. But this doesn’t mean your written pieces aren't as important! 

Stepping up your content is not just about good quality photos but also your written pieces as well. You’ll catch the attention of the reader with an excellent quality picture, and then you need to keep the reader’s attention.  To do so, it’s extremely important for your pieces to have a personality, this makes them entertaining and uniquely yours.  By stepping up your content, you’re sure to increase traffic during the holidays!

Tip #2: Holiday Giveaways

The holidays are a time of giving so this is the perfect opportunity to put together some sort of holiday giveaway or sweepstakes.  During the holiday season everyone is frantically searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones and friends, so if they have a chance to win some goodies or even a gift card to do some shopping to spoil themselves a little, it’s so very enticing and an awesome way to give back! 

What better way to spread some holiday cheer?! 

Tip #3: Leverage Social Media

It is crucial to leverage your social media outlets during this chaotic time of year.  This is essentially the time when everyone receives mass emails and ads and you do not want to get lost in this mess, so it’s vital that you time your posts.  

Most of us wake up in the morning and immediately grab our phones, we check facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc, This sounds like the perfect time to be sending out your emails and posts right? Wrong!! You don’t want to be 1 of 75 emails that someone scans through, you want to be one of the few emails they get throughout the day.  Therefore, the optimal time to schedule your posts and send out those emails are between 12 pm and 3 pm.
Stepping up your content, holiday giveaways, and leveraging your social media are key to successful blogging during the holidays.  Consider these awesome tips our gift to you this holiday season.  Apply them and kick some butt out there!

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