Am I a Bad Parent For..

Sometimes as a parent you have to do the hard thing. 

Sleep training was tough but we made it through that. And now after all of this summer's events and travel, our sleep training has gone out the window and we are starting from scratch. 

Am I a bad parent for letting her (reasonably) cry it out at bed time? These are thoughts that I struggle with every time I put her down for a nap that she isn't wanting to go down for. Most days she welcomes a nap and has even asked to be put in her crib for a nap. But some times she fights it. I put her down, sing to her, turn on the fan, make sure she has her water and stuffies, and turn on her noise maker then leave the room. If she starts crying I can't help but think I'm a bad parent. Should I really be sitting here for the next two to three minutes letting her cry herself to sleep? And that really is all it is, three minutes and she's quiet and peacefully asleep. But those three minutes feel like an eternity. 

I know of parents who did sleep training and let their kid cry and cry and cry and I also know parents who don't let their kid cry at all. Who's doing it right? I suppose there is more than one way to raise a child but my job as a parent is to not screw them up. Am I not being affectionate enough? Or, if I do go in to coddle her, am I just reinforcing bad behavior and now she thinks she can get whatever she wants. 

Man, this whole parenting thing is puzzling, isn't it?