Birthday Girl in San Francisco

This year I was totally spoiled with a trip to San Francisco for my birthday. Chris and I hit the cable car museum, Union Square, spent a day in Napa Valley touring the vineyards, walked the Golden Gate Bridge, checked out Pier 39, visited the crooked street and so much more. 

Here are some snapshots of our trip and a few MUST SEE places. 

A little love at the Golden Gate Bridge.

We did a ton of exploring, walking around and trying out all their different modes of public transportation: the Muni, the heritage streetcar, the cable car, the bus and the Bart.

Union square.

On the day we walked around and explored we came across the crooked street.

If you're ever in San Francisco, stop at Boudin. We ate there everyday and even stopped at it in the airport on our way home. So good. They also had a really cute wall map that was the perfect backdrop for this photo :)

Our fancy gold elevator.

We happened to be at the right place at the right time, the cable car museum was closed but we were peeking in the windows when a worker invited us in and showed us down stairs right where the cables and controls were. (Not open to the public). It was so cool to see so much more than if we has stopped by when the museum was open and only got to glance at it from above. The worker took us on a mini-tour and told us all about the history and gave us a behind the  scene look at how everything is run. We were a little apprehensive at first when he invited us in, we clearly weren't supposed to go in where the wheels were and after hours to boot.

At the top of this image you can see the slats of the fence, thats where you get to view the wheels from if you visit the museum during the day, so you can see that we are really down in where the machines are working. #Danger

More exploring.

Vinyards, wineries and more wineries.

This was my favourite vinyard, more about it a little later..

We shared headphones and listened to music like we were high schoolers sitting on the bus. We drank wine and lost count of the number of street performers we saw on the trip. I wouldn't want to take this adventure with anyone else.

Chris has always wanted to take me somewhere but with the pregnancy and new baby, that travel was just not an option. Now that jane is a bit older we were able to take our first trip together.

Our hotel was a block up from the wharf so every day we walked Pier 39. Right across from our hotel we noticed this little hole in the wall breakfast joint that didn't look like much other than the line that went down the block and around the corner - we knew we had to try it out. So the next day we got up and we're lined up right for their opening. I would definitely suggest going there if you're ever in San Francisco, such good breakfast. It was called the Hollywood Cafe right down near the Pier.

One of my favourite days was when we went on a few amazing wine tours in Nappa Valley. Rutherford Hill was by far the best tour, although we did have a hard time finding it. With no directions and Chris's vague recollection of where this vineyard was we seemed to be on a wild goose chase and almost gave up, but with a last ditch effort we followed this windy road and alas found Rutherford Hill. Definitely worth the chase and made for a few laughs. The tour took us around the grounds and into underground tunnels where they store thousands of barrels of wine during the aging process. We even tasted a sample that was part of the way through its aging process right from the barrel.

It hardly seems possible that I could be 24 already. I've experienced so much and have been so fortunate falling for such a stud and having a rambunctious fur baby and of course our beautiful little wild one.

We explored all day every day, our feet were weary but our hearts were full. There's something so magical about getting away with your best friend and being able to reconnect. This past year has had its fill of ups and downs. It feels so good to be able to slow down and take time as a couple again.

I am in love with our life and can't wait for the coming year and it's new adventure and many more stamps in my passport!