9 Books Every Blogger & Entrepreneur Should Read + A No Obligation Book Club for Bloggers & Creatives

 Books Every Blogger & Entrepreneur Should Read 
+ A No Obligation Book Club for Bloggers & Creatives

Become a likable motivated leader. Create your own personal brand. Make your career. Learn how to market yourself. Learn how to create real engagement build your image, rock your social media. 
I just discovered that Audible has a great promo on right now for free books. I love how accessible and easy it is for me to just press play and be able to listen to the book. It's super helpful when taking care of my daughter Jane, doing house work or when I'm working. So with this new amazing discovery I had to share it with all of you. So friends, this is how this great idea popped into my head to start an awesome NO OBLIGATION BOOK CLUB. (Because I don't already have enough on my plate. *facepalm*)  

The best part of this No Obligation Book Club is that you can do whatever you feel like. Basically these are the books we are planning on going through and you can check them out and read along with us or just select a few to go through on your own. Read at your own pace and read what you want. To join click HERE. Every month a new book title will be sent out and a discussion will be available for those who want to participate.  

You can join in by clicking HERE and ordering the books from Amazon or listen to them through Audible and get the first two books for free!  

What blogging or business books do you love? Let us know in the comments below or email us at charlottelaila@gmail.com. 

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