Colour Sorting Activities For Toddlers - Plus Free Printable

Identifying and classifying objects is a great activity for toddlers. Not only are they using motor functions to physically move the objects but they also need to develop the ability to sort them based on similarities and differences which is beneficial to their cognitive development. 

Feel free to print out any (or all) of the sheets provided here for a fun activity to do with your child. You may want to laminate it so that you can use it over and over again. It is great for both indoor and outdoor play. As I sit writing this the snow has completely covered the ground so although we may not use it our doors anytime soon we can still find and use objects around the house. Once it warms up I can't wait to get outside and collect rocks, leaves, blades of grass and flowers to colour sort with these sheets.

Download Our Free Colour Sorting Sheets


As a Mom, we all know that Pinterest is a great resource for activities and ideas. Here are some of my favourite colour sorting activities for preschoolers and little learners that I've found on Pinterest. You can check out my page for many more fun learning activities for toddlers and homeschooling resources.

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