Flower Wall and Giveaway

So here's the thing - after coming across something similar on Instagram I HAD to have a flower wall at my daughters birthday party so I decided to make one.


After I had cut, folded and assembled the paper flowers my engineer boyfriend worked on building a lightweight stand out of PVC pipe. In the following photo there is no middle support bar, we added it in later to make it a little more sturdy.  The stand measures 7.5 feet tall by 5.5 feet wide. I wanted to make sure it was big enough to have as a backdrop for photos. 

Once we had the cross brace in our stand we covered it in a white sheet and aranged and attatched the flowers. 

He's a great dad :)


Head on over to my Instagram and follow me to enter, then click on this image on my Instagram and comment "Done!". If you're already following me then simply find this image and say "Done!". Good Luck

If you don't think you are creative but still want a flower wall for one of your events this wall is available for rent. Email me hello@charlottelaila.com.