Garden Yoga For Kids + Free Printable

Garden yoga for kids

Garden Yoga For Kids

I have always loved yoga ever since I was a teenager and started yoga as a therapy for after knee surgery. It has been a big part of my life ever since. My two-year-old daughter and I practice yoga twice a week together.  She loves to show off her yoga poses to her friends and family. All you have to do to prompt her is say "Baby Yoga!" and she will immediately jump to showing you a few of her favourite poses. 

Teaching yoga to children has many benefits. Classrooms and daycares around the world are starting to implement yoga into their curriculums and daily activities. Yoga helps develop body awareness, improve coordination, build concentration and relieve stress and anxiety. It's a great, low cost, activity to get your child engaged and work on themselves, their self-esteem and get moving. 


Yoga helps develop a child's strength. Now, this isn't about having your child work our or become an Olympic body builder or anything like that. This is simply strengthening the core and muscles your child has in a healthy way. With so many static options like video games, television, tablets and screen time its good for children to be using and strengthening their developing muscles. Strengthening helps increase blood-oxygen levels and protects fragile growing joins. Yoga also gives you the teaching opportunity to talk about different muscles and body parts. 


On top of strengthening your child's joints and muscles, it's very important to stretch. Forgetting to stretch after a workout or physical activity can actually lead to problems like pulling/tearing ligaments and straining joints. Yoga is great for stretching and increasing flexibility and mobility in your child. It also helps improve their dexterity and motor skills. 

Children are born to move. They wiggle, crawl, walk, jump, run, skip, swing and more. They are constantly moving and have boundless energy to keep going. Yoga helps them be active and have fun in a healthy way. We've created a FREE flashcard set of fun nature-themed yoga poses for kids. 

Our homeschool curriculum covers all of the letters of the alphabet. The letter G unit focuses on the garden and teaches many useful skills about gardening and where our food comes from. As I was writing it and creating activities I had to include garden yoga poses inspired by a few kids yoga themes I've come across.  Here's a look at the flashcards to inspire you. If you want to download them for free head over to our shop. 


Garden Yoga For Kids

Child's Pose: Sit back on your heels. Slowly lower your forehead down to rest on the ground.

I Love My Earth Pose: Lay on your stomach. Have your arms run down your sides and your legs straight.

Mountain Pose: Stand up straight. Raise your arms overhead and press your palms together.

Tree Pose: Stand on one leg. Bend your other leg and place your foot on your knee and reach toward the sky.

Forward Fold Pose: Stand up. Slowly bend over, without bending your knees, until your hands reach the ground.

Lotus Pose: Sit on your but bones. Cross your legs and place your hands on your knees

Star Pose: Stand up with your legs wide apart. stretch your arms out to the side

Rainbow pose: Kneel down and place one arm straight along your side, reach the other arm up over your head to your ear.

To download these free printable flashcards: Click here to download the PDF.  It will download to your computer for you to easily print.

More information on the preschool curriculum we use can be found on our Home School Page here. I am currently looking for moms who are interested in trying out a weeks worth of lessons for free. Please email me to get your free lesson! 


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