Girl Boss Book Club

The Girl Boss Book Club will be starting up in January so this month you'll see a few posts here and there across our social media promoting it. 

The reason I'm starting this book club is because I've noticed a steep decline in how often I read over the past few years. So for 2017 I'd like to commit to doing some more reading and what better way to hold myself accountable than to read along with you lovely people! 

Girl Boss Book Club


We will offer one book a month for us to go through. The books will be announced 2 or 3 days before the start of the month.

We have a great list of books for the female entrepreneur, creative and blogger. This is meant to cause a little soul searching and get you moving. It's not the lighthearted fantasy novel book club you were in one summer in middle school. This is for the hard working, dream chasing hustler who wants to authentically improve her life and her business.

If you've already read the book please feel free to join in at the end of the month to discuss what you thought of it or better yet, why not read it again! These books are so helpful and every time I reread one of them I learn something new. 

You can order the book, buy it from a local book store, check it out of your local library, download it or borrow from a friend. Whichever means you prefer as long as you are digging in and are ready to getting something out of this girl boss book club. 

Amazon is a great place to get books because it virtually has every book you could ever want, it has the lowest prices and often has deals and it has overnight shipping for those who are a little tardy or who join later in the month.

Audible is great for those on the go and I would strongly suggest checking it out even if you're not going to use it for the Girl Boss Book Club. I use it daily because it's so versatile. I can listen to a book anywhere. While I'm doing the dishes, while I'm driving to a doctors appointment, while I'm talking the dog out for a walk. I love love love it and don't know what I did before it.

If you don't have an account there is a great incentive to try it out Fo Freee. You get your first two books for free and the app is free to download. After your month trial they have a subscription option to pay monthly or you can pay per book. It's only $7.49 a month for the first 3 months then $14.95 after that. But when I looked at how much a book cost and how frequently I purchase a new book going the subscription route was the smarter choice for participating in a book club.  

For January we are starting off with You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I've already got my copy on audible and am ready to start! Go get yours!

*This page contains affiliate links. I wouldn't suggest or endorse something I truly love. xo

If you join in we'd love for you to share it with others you think would love it as well.

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