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As an early child educator and homeschooling mom I love learning about what is going to help provide value for my child. And aside from the typical, alphabet flashcards, counting skills, learning to read and other more academic lessons we can teach our children there are other valuable lessons to be taught as well.

In our preschool curriculum Habitat Schoolhouse, we address other skills and values like how to treat others or how to use our manners, as well as personal life skills like being able to pour a glass of water or make our bed. These aren’t academic but help us teach our children how to become a well rounded and functioning human being.

But there’s another side to these two genres or categories of skills that I would like to address in this post which are more personal development skills. The ability to manage our own thoughts and actions and understand a deeper level of ourselves.

This ideology is a bit newer but is taking the school system (home school, public and private schools alike) by storm. Teachings that help children understand how their brain, thoughts and emotions work. And in doing so producing beautiful human beings and children who are much more understanding, level headed, able to handle and deal with conflicts as well as adequately problem solve.

This teaching as been coined “Growth Mindset”. The best way I can describe or give you an example is one of my favourite lessons about the word “Yet”. Though it may be just a tiny three letter word this idea has changed the lives of many students I’ve come in contact with as well as my own daughter.

The Growth Mindset

Teaching your child about ‘yet’ is such a great way to help encourage them when they are feeling stuck. I will use my daughter as an example, though she is only two, she understands failure. Which is all something we figure out on our own at sometime or another. In her case she was working on climbing the mini-rock wall at the playground up to the slide. She kept trying but would slide off or fall. (Don’t worry her grandpa and I were both on either side helping her and catching her if she slipped and this rock wall is on a 45 degree angle and is only three feet high.) After a few failed attempts she said “ I can’t do it Mommy!” Of course I encouraged her to try again and reminded her to say “I can’t do it YET.” Rather than “I can’t do it.”

She wasn’t able to clime up that visit but I encouraged her to try it again next visit and that she may not be able to do it yet but one day she will. On our next visit she attempted to climb the rock wall again and finally was able to do it. To which she was very proud and had to announce to everyone that “I can do it now. I can do it now Mommy!” (Her exact words.)

This short example is just starting to scratch the surface to so many fantastic things we can teach our children on how to react to situations and how to change their mindset when dealing with issues or thinking ahead.

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your child to use the word “yet.”

Big Life Journal & Giveaway

One of my favourite companies, Big Life Journal, has beautifully addressed this Growth Mindset teaching. They are providing a gently guided journal for children to explore these different ideas.

They have their original journal and a brand new journal releasing October 2018 available through Kickstarter.

Big Life Journal for Kids: This journal is guided and illustrated. Designed for ages 7-11. The journal can help kids learn to embrace challenges, to persevere, and how to grow from mistakes and failures. Available both as an Ebook and Hardcover. 

  • The Big Life Journal for Kids is available here. 

Big Life Journal for Teens: This journal guided and illustrated. Designed for ages 12-14. The journal helps tweens/teens develop a GROWTH MINDSET and important life skills such as goal-setting, pursuing their dreams, developing positive self-talk and much more. Available both as an Ebook and Hardcover. 

  • Here is the link to the Teen Journal which will be available for order on our website in October. Through September 21st, it is only available via our Kickstarter campaign here

We are excited to feature Big Life Journal on our blog and would like to offer you a chance to win a $50.00 gift card to Big Life Journal, a $50.00 gift card to our shop Habitat Schoolhouse and a few other goodies!

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Growth Mindset with Big Life Journal