Homeschool Book List

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Our homeschool curriculum uses many books to help teach your child the wonders of nature. A book or two on stars, a big book on bees and even a book on a little mouse and a big strawberry. Although each week consists of stand-alone lessons the books we suggest enhance your teaching and encourage imagination. While learning the letter B we focus on bears and blueberries. How much more fun would learning about these two things be than reading an adventure book of a little girl who, while picking blueberries, stumbles across a mama bear. 

At the beginning of the week, each lesson has a book-list for you. You may choose to check out a few of the books to enhance the week's lessons or go out and read them all! 

There are three books I strongly suggest you check out or even purchase if you are interested in following our curriculum. Animalium, Curious Kids Guide to Nature, and Nature Anatomy. Each week a few of the lessons pull information directly from one or all of those books. 

If you're interested in learning more about our nature-based homeschool curriculum click here.


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Animalium by is by far one of our favourite books to pull homeschool lessons from. It should be on every homeschool book list. It is massive and is filled with beautiful illustrations and interesting facts. My daughter spends countless hours sifting through its pages. I love seeing the little wheels in her brain turn and she discovers a new animal. 


Curious Kids Guide To Nature 

This book, though a little geared towards school-age kids, is still a fantastic resource for toddler moms wishing to teach their children about plants and animals. Not only have we pulled some fantastic lessons from this book but we've also started creating a nature study for school age children which is aimed to be released in the fall based on this book!  That's why this book makes a homeschool book list must have.

Nature Anatomy

This was the first book bought for our home school supply. It covers everything from the critters in the ocean to our very own back yard. We particularly love all the life cycles and the chapter on birds. There is so much goodness packed into this book not only for our curriculum but also for independant learning as well. 

If you're interested interested in knowing what other books are in out curriculum check out the lists below.