How We Manage Baby Growing Pains

Our sweet little one just keeps on growing. Some days she will be fussy and in tears and we can tell it is from her legs. Here are a few things we do with her to help manage these spurts of growing pains.  one friday she was shorter than the boy I babysit and by monday when I babysat him again she was taller than him. 

Hydration - dehydration can lead to muscle cramps we always have her drink lots of water throughout the day and even have a 2oz bottle in her crib at night.  I'd rather have a full diaper to change than a screaming crying dehydrated babe. 

Stretches - I often will do a few simple stretches with her little legs before bed or if she seems to be acting restless.

Massage - Some nights when nothing seems to have helped her restless legs Chris or I will spend some time rubbing her little tiny legs. The difference is noticed imediately. She will be rolling around the bed kicking her legs ans as soon as either of us stat rubbiing her calves o thighs she holds still stops kicking and will close her eyes. 

Warm it up - Giving her a warm bath before bed also seems to help. For us unfortunatley baths at night time just wind her up and somehow give her energy but it does wonders for her sore legs and that alone is worth the few extra minutes it takes to calm her back down and get her ready for bed. You can place a warm cloth on their legs as well but just be careful its not to hot as not to burn the skin. I wouldnt even reccomend a heating pad or anything until they are older just to be safe. Babies skin is so sensitive its better just to give them a warm bath and massage their legs. 


Look at her cute little pigeon toed walk. Ah so cute!