Jane is One!

It happened, our tiny human is a whole year old.

  • She has a huge personality and isn't afraid to let you know it.
  • She is a whopping 24 pounds. 
  • She still loves Peppa Pig. It's the best thing to listen to in the car.
  • She's so sweet and kind to animals.
  • She is fearless. 
  • Water, she is obsessed with water. Splashing in it, swimming in it, dumping it on the floor, you name it - this girl loves water. The worst thing you could do to her is to tell her that bath time is over. 
  • Her favourite thing to eat is an oatmeal muffin - of all things.
  • She is always on the go, never holding still.
  • She has 8 teeth

Our hope is that you dare to move mountains little wild one. 

^ She's a total ham. Haha