Looks like I’m gonna be a dad…

Looks like I’m gonna be a dad…


The day started out normal enough: I got up early, took the dog (Hank) out for a walk, and got ready for work. Pretty normal.

All day at work I’m looking forward to the steak dinner I’ll be having with my little brother in a few short hours. Charlotte seems a little stressed out, but that’s not unusual, so I think nothing of it. Pretty normal.

I make it to my brother’s place downtown, fire up the BBQ and start grilling. Charlotte is curious when I’ll be getting home, not unusual. Pretty normal.

On my way home I stop in at a favorite watering hole to meet with a coworker about the next days work picnic activities. Charlotte would like me to be home soon, so I hurry up the meeting and head home. Pretty normal.

I step through the door and right away I feel as if something is.. off. Charlotte isn’t at the door to greet me, and just, barely whispers, “I’m in bed already”. It’s after nine so that seems normal enough, but something still doesn’t feel quite right.

I take my time taking off my shoes, putting away my jacket, chucking my lunch leftovers onto the counter and turning off any lights still on and then took Hank out one last time before bed: my normal routine for closing up shop. Finally (an eternity I would find out later) I walk into the bedroom and I instantly stop short.

Charlotte is sitting in bed, looking sad and somewhat nervous, maybe even a little bit guilty. The first words out of my mouth are an almost entirely (apparently my 7th sense was tingling) sarcastic “what are you, pregnant?” to which she simply nodded and buried her head in her hands.

I will admit given the circumstances, I could have chosen a gentler phrase, but I was completely taken by surprise at the confirmation of one of my biggest fears: I was going to be a dad!