Month 2 Update - Habitat Schoolhouse

Month two update Habitat schoolhouse

June 2nd will officially be two full months of Habitat Schoolhouse and I am enjoying every second of it! We've made over 200 sales in these past two months. I am so humbled (and excited) by how positive the response has been. 



This month we introduced a few add-ons to our curriculum.  We added cute little frog life cycle flashcards, alphabet flashcards, planet flashcard and a few worksheets. We also introduced something I'm totally excited about - F R E E B I E   F R I D A Y ! Every Friday we are releasing a new free printable download. Things like homeschool schedules, letter worksheets, kindness checklists, kids yoga cards and weather trackers. Fun things that add to your schooling and home. 

My husband and I are also working on making our curriculum available in print and book form. That should be released by the end of June. We just have to figure out what option is best so that it's not ridiculously expensive to have printed and shipped. 

This past month has been steady, I started tracking my hours so I know exactly how much time and effort is going into the lessons. And I've made a number of really positive and encouraging connections with a few of the moms using this curriculum. The community surrounding Habitat Schoolhouse is fantastic. I can't wait to see how June goes. I suspect it will slow down a bit in sales and emails as it is the start of summer and people are busy with their summer plans but that's okay. It may give me more time to work on a few projects I have on the go.

Next month:

In June we are working to release a print version of our curriculum. I am also starting a Summer Pack full of activities for those who are either taking the summer off from school or who are looking to add some fun summer activities to their schedule. The pack will be near 50 pages and cover camping, the beach, road trips, the water park and so many other fun summer activities. The pack will be portable (good for taking on trips) and won't need any prep work. I can't wait to launch it! I really should stop blogging and start working on it while all the ideas are fresh in my head. 

Long Term:

We are halfway through the alphabet so by September the entire 26-week curriculum will be done. Looking back on my post a month ago One Month Update - Habitat SchoolHouse there were a number of things I wrote in the longterm section like "we are looking to include flashcards, supplementary lessons and a Nature for Toddlers Workbook." So it feels great looking back on where I was only one month ago and have already started to include things that I thought were a lot further away. I would still like to create a Nature Study for Toddlers. But that will be another curriculum that I don't have the time to start now while I am working on this curriculum.

So for a long-term goal, I would like to steadily be adding items to the shop. Things like more flashcards, little lessons and worksheets. 

I think that about sums up this little update. We were away on vacation for 2 weeks so it was nice to know I could keep up with work and emails while away. I was nervous with summer around the corner if I would get too busy and struggle with scheduling everything but I feel like I have a handle on it now. I caan't wait for this next month!


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