My Favourite Experiences and Highlights from 2016

Hey, everyone! I had an absolutely packed and amazing year and I wanted to share some of my favourite hightlights from 2016. 

1. The birth of our sweet baby girl

Obviously, this list is going to start off with the birth of our beautiful daughter, Jane. As first-time parents, it's been one hell of an adventure. We woke up at 12 am and hit the hospital at 3 am and was in our arms by 10 am. The nurses were wonderful, Chris was so supportive and sweet. I couldn't have asked for an easier more enjoyable experience. I can harly believe she will be turning 1 next month.


2. My sisters wedding

My sister got married on October 1st. It was such a beautiful day. It was so great to see to families become one and see my sister marry her high school sweetheart. Jane was a flower girl and I was so excited to be her maid of honor! Here are a few photos.

A little selfie while at the photo shoot. It was so cold and Kate didn't have a jacket so she wore one we found in a barn. 

3. Birthday trip to San Fransisco with the Hubby 

Chris took me on a trip for my birthday. I have never really traveled anywhere before and he and I hadn't had any alone time since we had Jane so this trip was a huge highlight of the year. It felt so good to get away and reconnect as a couple. You can check out the full post here.

4. Sointula island trip

My family and our relatives go on an annual trip to Soiltula (a small island off of Vancouver Island) where my grandparents live. We all go to visit and help work on my grandparent's house. This year we worked on building a deck, putting up drywall in the living room and cutting back the hedges. I really enjoyed the peace and simple living of all who live there. 

Putting her feet in the ocean.

Her toes !! 

Jane and her great grandfather holding hands watching the fire on the beach. 

5. Swimming lessons

My little one took her first set of swimming lessons already. They were definitely a highlight of this past year. I loved having time set aside where we focused on her and had some fun as a family. Every Saturday morning we took her to her swimming lesson then went for breakfast afterwards on the Quay. I can't wait till she starts 'Tots II' lessons. 

6. Island wedding

My friend Matt got married this year on Vancouver island so again we caught a ferry and headed over. It was so much fun to get away as a family just for the weekend. 

Cool dudes

So there you have it, a little list of my 2016 highlights. There are so many more I could add, like visiting the aquarium with Jane, Hiking Quarry Rock, going to a white caps game, the list goes on. I think what I'm trying to say is 2016 was an adventure. I can't wait to see where 2017 takes us!