Our Favourite Toddler Rooms

A favourite trend we are seeing this spring is bright and bold prints in our kid's rooms. Here are some of our favourite inspirations from Pinterest. We will be painting our daughter Jane's room in the next few weeks, in the meantime here's a super cute picture of her one year ago when I wrote a blog post on her nursery. 

Last year when we moved in we themed our daughter's room around a simple and modern design. (You can read that post here.) Now that shes transitioned from a baby into a toddler we are slowly turning her room into more of a playroom than a nursery. My Mamma heart misses the newborn days but I'm so in love with watcher her walk around, learn, play and grow into the little kid she is now.  With this change, I started looking at a few ideas on how to paint her room and turn it into a fun place to play. We will be sharing the finished product shortly along with playroom organization and how we became minimalist when it comes to toys and clothing.