Potty Training A One Year Old in One Week - Day Two

Potty Training Day Two

Today was a major success for potty training but it definitely was a lot of work. You know those days where everything seems to go wrong? Well, today was one of those days. I was insanely clumsy, I left the house without any money or my licence, and was driving around with the car insurance papers back at home sitting on the kitchen table.  Oh, and I forgot to ask for coconut milk in my coffee instead of regular milk (I'm severely lactose intolerant) and had horrible stomach pain for a few hours afterwards. I couldn't catch a break and was getting discouraged. 

Reluctantly, I continued to potty train knowing that I need to stay consistent with Jane in order for her to learn. By the evening she hadn't peed on the potty even once. Every time had to go she went on the floor, and every time she had an accident, of course, I picked her up and put her on to the potty explaining that is where we pee. 

Every weekday just after four o'clock I start dinner so that it's ready (or at least in the oven) by the time Chris gets home from work at five. Jane usually plays in the living room while I prep and cook dinner. Out of nowhere, she runs up to me in the kitchen carrying her potty with pee in it exclaiming "Mummy! Pee!" I was so excited she went all by herself! We proceeded to carry the pee to the toilet, flush it and say "bye pee". Then she got a big high five and a jujube as a reward. 

What a great success at the end of a tough day. 

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