Rondriso Farms Pumpkin Patch 2017

Every year since Chris and I met we have been going to a pumpkin patch together. When we got pregnant we found a local patch that fit us perfectly. They're a short drive away, have super cute farm animals and an awesome hayride to the pumpkin patch. 

We took Jane last year when she was only 8 months old and couldnt't walk yet. (You can see that super cute post here!) But we were very excited to take her this year now that she's nearing two and can walk around and explore the world and understand whats going on around her. 

Jane is fearless, everyone who knows her can attest to that. She was not afraid of the cows that were feeding in the barn. Even though their heads were bigger than her entire body she walked right up to them and pet them. I'll admit I was a little nervous but Chris was right there with her. One of the cows even lifted its head just as Jane walked up to it and knocked her over (by accident of course). Chris stood her up, brushed her off and she went right back towards another cow to pet that one instead. 

Oh.. and she screamed in excitement when she saw the "ducks!" aka chickens. Chris got her to say "bock bock bock" and she thought that was hilarious. As captured in the above photo haha.

The after seeing the animals to top off all her excitement we went on the hayride, and I'll admit I look forward to it every fall too. Right now her vocabulary is minimal so to her everything with wheels is a 'bus'. So, she kept saying "Bus! Bus! Bus!" when the tractor pulled up to load people on for the hayride. 

2017-11-01 11.17.45 1.jpg

Loving her blue eyes.

Oh! A good tip if you're heading to a pumpkin patch, particularly in the rainy lower mainland, is to bring plastic bags to put your muddy pumpkins and boots in so you don't get your clothes or car dirty.