Seattle Day 1

Chris and I have been wanting to go on a little getaway ever since his worked picked up. He's been travelling a lot so as soon as we realized we both were free for a few days we headed off to Seattle. It also happens to be Jane's first trip out of Canada! 

This girl is such a ham. She made friends everywhere we went.

If you are ever, ever, ever in Seattle, and enjoy seafood, you need to make a stop at Crab Pot. It is a big'ol bucket of seafood dumped onto your table for you to enjoy. The give you a huge bib, a mallet and endless melted butter. Absolutely delicous!

Jane wasn't to sure about the bib until she saw that Dada had a matching one. 

This little one has never stayed in a hotel before. Chris has traveled a lot with work in the past few years and stayed in hotels so many times that he's gained status at a few. Thanks to all his travelling we are able to stay at Hyatts fo' free! Thanks Hyatt! 

Little tip for those of you traveling with little ones. When you're booking your hotel you can request a crib for your room. We brought a stuffed animal, a blanket and her white noise machine so bed time was a breeze. She went down just as easily as she does at home. This room in particular was nice because the bedroom was separated from the living room by a long hall way. We could put Jane down in the bedroom and stay up watching TV in the other room without waking her. 

The first day we checked out Pike Place Market an picked up some fresh fruit and a few other goodies. One of which was Jane's 'souvenir' - a rubber tentacle she saw and couldn't leave without. Featured in the following two photos.

Magic Daddy! There were a few other kids in the magic shop while we were passing through so of course Chris grabbed a few juggling balls and entertained the kids. 

Her Feet!

We had a great first day and the weather was perfect for all our out door adventures.