Always and Foreverly

Always and Foreverly is a sweet little Etsy shop based out of Vancouver BC. With attention to detail, the handmade pieces are perfect for parties, dressing up an outfit and of course Easter!

We caught up with Jocelyn to find out more about the adorable pieces she has created ...

What made you want to start your own business?

After my daughter was born, I set out to create some unique little things for her that were both practical & pretty.  I started making all natural wooden & fabric teething rings and double sided cotton snap together bibs, just a few basic things from beautiful fabrics that I loved to work with.  I enjoyed the process of turning these fabrics and patterns into fun & pretty little things for her. When I was out and about, I had people ask me where I got them from and at that point, I was really just filling a need for items I couldn't find in the marketplace for my own little girl so I started making more to give as gifts. I’ve always loved seeing little girls in pretty headbands and bows & so I started putting some together for each "mood" and festive season.  It just makes me really happy to be able to share my passion for designing and creating these items by making them all available to other parents, with a business; name-inspired by my own daughter, Everly.

What inspires you?

I love to see the beauty in the simple things in life.  I love working with the newest colours of each season, the holidays inspire me to design things for photography sessions and parties, and then just thinking about what little girls would love to wear when they go to school and also for new moms to have another way to "top off" their baby's individual beauty every day.  But I'm also inspired by other driven, confident mothers who live busy lives but still find the time to work on their passions. 

Tell us a little bit about your items?

I especially love creating pretty and whimsical things from beautiful floral fabrics, gorgeous soft lace, pastels & things that sparkle. I like to make sure that all my items are easy to wear and comfortable for newborns and even preemies and will grow with them by offering clips as well as headbands.  I have really tried to make unique things that suit just about every colour palette for every season and clothing style.  Since opening my shop on Etsy, my product variety has increased from about 20 items to now we have about 60 items to choose from in different colours & styles.  I am constantly being inspired to create new things as I continue to grow my business and my hope is that everyone will enjoy the things I create for their beautiful girls as much as I enjoy making them.

What do you love the most about what you do?

I absolutely love sharing my designs with others, that with each package I send out that someone is looking forward to receiving what I have spent time lovingly making with my own hands.  I enjoy the satisfaction of coming up with original new ideas & finding fun new fabrics to incorporate into them.  I also love seeing & sharing photos of all the precious little ones wearing my Always & Foreverly items.  It's a wonderful thing to be able to make others happy with something as simple as pretty little handmade things for their little ones.

Anything else you would like to add?

At Always and Foreverly I will always strive to create the most unique and precious items for you, providing new and ever changing product lines to add beauty and whimsy to any wardrobe, for every day and for the most special of days.  I take pride in creating one of a kind "Precious things for your littles".  

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