Sointula Trip Twenty Seventeen Part 1

Every year for the past few years my family and I head up Vancouver Island to my Grandparents for a week. My aunts and uncles come, my mum and dad, my sister and her husband. We all get together to visit and help work on my Grandparent's house. Last year we worked inside on drywalling walls and the ceiling and this year we worked on putting up a deck.  

Jane did such a great job this year. She helped pick (and eat) carrots and raspberries from the garden. She was busy following everyone around, eating veggies, playing in her sandbox my grandpa built for her and blabbering babytalk. This trip was so much different from last year when she couldn't even crawl. It's fun to have little traditions like this with family, I can't wait for next year. 

Here are a few photos taken on our trip to Behr Point (the beach photos) and of Jane doing her thing around the house and in the garden.