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Potty Training A One Year Old in One Week - Day One

This is a short account of the first day potty training a one year old. Over all I would consider it a success however there was a lot of pee on the floor that needed to be cleaned up. Check out this post to find out the method we're using to potty train our daughter in one week. PS. There are a ton of cute pictures of her in the bath being silly. 

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See Jane Slide

Yay I started a cute little category for all of Jane's posts. I called it See Jane Run. So any post that's about her growing or doing something will have that tag so you can scroll through and check them out. Here are some photos of Jane's first trip to the waterslides. It was SO MUCH FUN! She was laughing and smiling the whole time and kept saying "More Please!" I can't wait to take her again.

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