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We're so excited to introduce a homeschool curriculum for your preschoolers. I wanted to take a bit of time to write a detailed post on why we've decided to create this curriculum and how we go about planning and prepping it. It started as a labour of love that happened to turn into something more.

It all started with our daughter, Jane, turning two. She has completely become a little sponge for knowledge and is constantly learning new things. I've always created little crafts for her to do but a few months ago I started creating little worksheets for her so that we could have something to learn from. Either number or letter worksheets or a fun craft for her to do to learn about colour and shape. Recently a few of my mommy followers expressed interest in teaching their own toddlers. That's when creating a homeschool curriculum along with fun learning crafts and activities really started. 

Many moms have come to me expressing a desire to teach their toddlers but not having any idea where to start. Planning and prepping lessons every day is a big job and many of the moms I've talked to were too discouraged by the thought of trying to plan out lessons to even start.  This entire curriculum is minimalist so it can be done with minimal prep and minimal materials. I didn't want to create something that was going to be fussy or a lot of prep work for busy toddler moms. At home, we are minimalist in the toys and activities we have for Jane which naturally bled into the curriculum. 

“I am a person who is not a teacher and the idea of homeschooling (even though I want to) is somewhat defeating, I feel like I could really do this! Not only do it but thrive and have my kids thrive.”
— Erica McMahon


The lessons are all based on nature and the outdoors. I for one am inspired by the world around us and have always had a fascination with plants and animals. In today's society children are bombarded with commercials, consumerism and technology. I'm not saying in anyway that any of this is a bad thing but it leaves little room for play and exploration. I wanted to create something that brings back curiosity and interest in the things and world around us. 

So many of my friends are early child educators (preschool teachers), Kindergarten teachers and primary teachers. Many whom have expressed that their kids don't have any curiosity or interest in learning. Some students aren't even ready for school at all. I feel for those teachers as well as for the parents. It's hard for parent's to find the proper resources to help their child grow and prepare them for school. This curriculum covers everything a child needs to learn before starting Kindergarten as well as encourages healthy habits and character.


Jane is loving being home schooled and I've had over 150 moms download our sample lessons already. I will be sharing our week to week activities and crafts on the blog here and on my Pinterest page so you can follow along on this journey. 


More information on this preschool curriculum can be found on our Home School Page here. I am currently looking for moms who are interested in trying out a weeks worth of lessons for free. Please email me to get your free lesson!