Vancouver Christmas Market 2017


This year I was able to share our favourite Christmas tradition with four lucky winners by gifting them seasons passes to the Vancouver Christmas market. Chris and I have gone to the market every year since we met and we look forward to it every Christmas.

A regular ticket is $10 at the door but we get the mistletoe combo which is $50 for 2 Adult Admission + Express Lane Access + 2 Limited Edition Collector Mugs + 2 Traditional Beverages + 2 Unlimited Carousel Day Passes + 1 Photo Session + 2 2017 Season Passes. 

2017-12-01 12.54.15 1.jpg

I was a little nervous taking Jane on the carousel because it was a lot taller and faster than I thought, but she totally loved it. Her eyes were full of wonder and her smile was shining bright. 

There are a on of activities for kids and delicious food and drink for the whole family. Jane was a little bit to young for some of the activities (like writing a letter to Santa and decorating a gingerbread man. But we did it anyway!) There are so many shops and and ornaments, and things to look it. We love going. Each year they release a new Christmas Mug, to which we now have four of. Haha. I really look forward to seeing the new designs each year. 

Chris and I love Mulled Wine. Its a hot spiced wine that is absolutely delicious. We always get a mug (or two) of that and I'm a sucker for bratwurst sausage and sauerkraut so we grab one of those as well. Jane are some of my cannoli and had a candy cane haha. Cheers!

Jane looked so cute in her red sweater dress. Everyone who went past us said she looked just like she was part of the decor.