Why growing your blog traffic will help you grow your online business + How to do it


Why growing your blog traffic will help you grow your online business + How to do it

When I started my blog, my number one goal was to start it as a business right from the get go. In order to for me to see any results from my new business, there was no doubt that I needed to get more eyes on it. The best way to do that was to implement a strategy into growing my blog traffic which will help me earn more money in the long run. 

Growing your blog traffic can be really tricky as not every solution works for everyone. It does take some time, trials and errors just to see what may work for your individual blog. Remember that every blog is different and you should never compare yours to someone else’s. You must find the best strategy that will work for you. 


So why should growing your blog traffic be one of your blogging strategies?

With blog traffic, you open up doors to so many opportunities. You are definitely going to get more money if blog income is one of your goals. 

1.With your new traffic, your income will certainly increase. Do you offer services or sell digital products on your blog? If you do, then more traffic will mean more people are seeing your offers and this opens up doors for more income.

2. If you are currently using ads to monetize your online business, this will triple or quadruple. Some ad networks require you to have some kind of traffic to your blog before they can consider working with you. 

3. Brands will come knocking down your door. If you work with brands or are considering working with brands, you will have more chances with more blog traffic. Just like ads, some really great brands that will pay well, require you to have great traffic. 

4. Your email subscribers will grow way faster and this means more money if you know how to use email marketing.

5. More bloggers will want to collaborate with you, and this will open up great opportunities for you and your business. You will get featured on bigger platforms. 

As you can see, they are quite a few amazing opportunities on why you should grow your blog traffic. But how can you increase your blog traffic? We have some ideas to help you get started. 

1. Create amazing content that readers want to read.

What is your blog about, what do people want to read about? Once you figure this out, create amazing content and share it. In order to find out exactly what your readers are interested in, create a survey and send it out. You can post your survey on your Facebook page, on Twitter, Instagram and or send it to your mailing list. Once the results are in, you will have a better idea of what your frequent readers are into. Another way of getting this information is looking at your Google analytics. What are your top 5 popular blog posts? Use this as your starting point.  

2. Be consistent with your blog posting.

The more you post, the more traffic you will get, it’s that simple. Google will recommend you over and over again if you are consistent and you blog about quality information worth sharing. Create a blogging plan and stick to it. My current blogging schedule is 3 times a week. Some bloggers choose to do once a week or once a month. Do what is comfortable and stick to that schedule. This way, bloggers will know when to expect new content from you. Grab our blog plan at the end of this post. 

3. Pinterest should become your best friend.

If you are not on Pinterest, consider joining it today. Ensure that all your blogs have pinnable images that are vertical and that you can pin to your boards. Utilize SEO on all your images and on Pinterest in order for your work to be found. Join Pinterest groups and tribes in order to pin your content. Your work will be seen and re-shared by other pinners. This will bring you back a lot of traffic. The key to success with Pinterest is to be consistent. This means, pinning more and spreading out your pins. Use scheduling tools to help you out with this. If you are a new blogger, Pinterest will boost your traffic in no time. 

4. Use SEO on all your blog posts.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a way for Google to find your posts in search engines. In order to be successful with SEO, consider using keywords in your post title, the body, and on the image. Write longer posts as Google loves this. Link your old posts to new posts to revive them. But overall, concentrate on creating amazing evergreen content. 

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5. Use social media to grow your blog traffic.

Facebook groups and Pinterest groups are what you should really be concentrating on. Join a few groups and participate in their sharing options. This will get new eyes on your blog extremely fast. Don’t just drop the links and leave but network with the other bloggers as well. 

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6. Grow your email list in order to grow your traffic.

The more people that subscribe to your blog, the better for you in the long run. Not everyone will see a post you share on social media, but the chances of it been seen when you send it via email is way better. If you have an email list of 5000 people and you share a post, 35% of those might click over to your posts and even share it. That is great! Having an email list is also a back-up in case all social media platforms decided to shut down tomorrow. You will still have an audience. 

7. Network with other bloggers in your niche if you really want to grow your blog traffic.

A group of bloggers that will help you succeed is the best thing you can ever do for your business. You can guest post on each other’s platforms, share and boosts your posts on each other’s social platforms and email lists. There is so much you can do for moral support if you have a few bloggers helping you out. 

8. And lastly, make your content shareable.

It’s extremely frustrating when you land on a blog and you have no way to share it. Have social sharing buttons that are visible and easy for your readers to share. Don’t make them do the extra work. If I really love your work, then I will share it, but I will leave if I do not see how I can easily share it. 

I hope this guide will start you off on the right track on getting more blog traffic. We have attached a FREE blog planner below to help you plan out your blog content in order to be consistent

To plan out your 2017 blog success plan, download to Blog Planner for success right here: www.ladiesmakemoney.com/blogplanner. This blog plan will help you strategies and plan out your monthly and yearly goas in order to succeed.

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