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Peaceful Parenting Part 4: Slowing Down

As I began writing this blog post we took a family trip to Seattle. Our last trip as the three of us before baby number two arrives in a few short months. I brought along the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, which has quickly become a new favourite. It addresses slowing your life down and simplifying your parenting. Which ended up being the perfect lesson I needed to learn on this trip. 

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Peaceful Parenting Part 3: How To Raise Kind Kids

One of the most important things I can teach my children is to be kind to others. Kindness above all else is what I believe will make an impact in this world. Wouldn't it be great if the foundation we helped build created caring, empathetic, and kind human beings? Because that's what the world truly needs. How do we help our children grow up to be the kind generation of the future? 

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