Chris's Blog - First Time Dad

So almost two years ago now, shortly after the birth of our first (and currently only) child Jane, I was asked by Charlotte to document the experience from my point of view. She said that she thought people would enjoy the "dad's" perspective, as the majority of posts about this sort of thing were always from the point of view of the mother. Initially I resisted, but eventually she wore me down and I begrudgingly sat down and started to write about the night she told me we were pregnant; the night that would change my life forever (if of course you ignore the inciting incident about 3 or 4 weeks prior ha!).

Now almost two years later, hundreds of dirty diapers and countless temper tantrums and baby cuddles, I have finally given into Charlotte's barrage of request to finish and/or continue the "series"  of blog posts as it were. If you already read the first few posts all that time ago, please feel free to skip ahead or perhaps refresh your memories by skimming through them again. I know I had to reread what I had written almost 24 months ago, sleep deprived, scared, nervous, excited and without any notion of what the next two years would bring for Charlotte myself and our new little baby Jane. 

These posts are from the perspective of a loving, scared, learning father... this is the story of a First Time Dad.