Gumboot Kids Program

Choose how you would like to explore Gumboot Kids activities and adventures!

A program designed specifically for children who are at least 2 years old. A friendly, nature based experience that will keep children interested and active as they become more independent.
All activities and adventures are organised into six difference Program Areas. Follow the program map or blaze your own trail.

+ Backyard Environment

Physical movement (climbing, balancing, digging, building) Art and craft Music making Loose parts play (logs, sticks, mud, dirt, leaves, seeds, plants) Introduction to local flora and fauna

+ Outdoor Creative Expression

Chalk Drawing

+ Tracks & Trails Math

+ Healthy Living Path

+ Flora & Fauna S.T.E.M

+ Backyard Stories

5 Sessions
05-Aug-2019 Backyard Environment
12-Aug-2019 Outdoor Creative Expression
19-Aug-2019 Healthy Living Path
26-Aug-2019 Tracks & Trails Explorer.
26-Aug-2019 Flora & Fauna S.T.E.M.
02-Sept-2019 Backyard Stories

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