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A Wholesome Homeschool Curriculum for you and your littles.


Habitat Schoolhouse

We give parents the tools to teach and inspire their children through  carefully crafted classes, lessons, books, meals and play. 



Our curriculum

A wholesome home school curriculum for your little learners that encourages a love of learning.


Teachers lounge 

Everything you need to provide your child with a wealth of learning materials and be inspired to teach. 


The Blog

Check out our free resource library that is added to weekly.  Access everything from worksheets to book lists and more.


Our Curriculum

Habitat Schoolhouse contains over 850 wholesome lessons that are designed to..

  • Create a positive attitude about learning and education
  • Develop a love of stories and books
  • Learn the letters of the alphabet
  • Increase oral vocabulary
  • Encourage an interest in nature
  • Introduce structure and a healthy learning environment
  • Learn shape and number recognition
  • Develop healthy habits
  • Create a well-rounded student who's ready to start Kindergarten

Word Building & Phonics 

Do Preschoolers are constantly learning as hey begin to talk and discover new words. Our curriculum helps develop  new vocabulary, form sentences, point out letter sounds and rhyming words, and help children with comprehension and communication.

Practical Life Skills

On top of learning the basic subjects our curriculum also encourages practical life skills. We believe it's important to raise kind children and encourage their developing minds so that your child grows to be a well-rounded human being. 


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Preschoolers are constantly observing and experimenting in their every day lives, they are little scientists. Our curriculum covers all of these subjects is a gentle way in order to introduce your child to simple mathematical and scientific concepts.

Learning Through Play

Children are constantly learning through play. It is how they learn to interact with the world and grow. We take activities that your child already loves to do and turn them into learning opportunities. 

Not only is Habitat Schoolhouse beautiful to the eye, it also lays a beautiful feast of study yet gentle for young curious minds. Complete on its own or may be wonderfully paired with supplemental material for more inquiring minds, especially thanks to the ease of preparation.
— Brittany Long

Our Mission

Our dream is that you dare to dream big and move mountains. Our hope that through our wholesome home school curriculum you are able to provide the best education for your child. 
We strive to create a positive attitude about learning and education as well as encourage an interest in nature and curiosity.

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Motherhood Conference


Join us Downtown Vancouver for a gathering that is so much more than a conference. This is for mothers who want to make a difference, who want to raise kind children and nurture their growing minds. We’re coming together to support and encourage one another.

This year our 2019 theme is “Peaceful Parenting: How to raise kind kids and nurture their developing minds.” 

This conference is all about connecting with your children and simplifying your life to make room for growth and a stronger family bond. Our speakers will help you find the encouragement you need to help provide the best life you can for your little one(s).

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Get Involved

There are many opportunities at Habitat Schoolhouse to get involved and make a difference in children's lives. We have a fantastic community and programs available for parents and teachers. Read below to learn more about how you can get involved.  


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We have many different programs for you to get involved with. If you are interested in being a brand rep or affiliate sign up below to learn more. 

Get involved

We are constantly looking for homeschooling parents and moms to share on our blog and attend our annual events. 

Make a Donation

Our company is run by two full time moms. We survive off coffee and encouragement. Click below to send us a coffee!