Preschool Curriculum 

Habitat Schoolhouse contains over 850 wholesome lessons that are designed to..

  • Create a positive attitude about learning and education

  • Develop a love of stories and books

  • Learn the letters of the alphabet

  • Increase oral vocabulary

  • Encourage an interest in nature

  • Introduce structure and a healthy learning environment

  • Learn shape and number recognition

  • Develop healthy habits

  • Create a well-rounded student who's ready to start Kindergarten


Subjects include 


Course Details

  • Habitat Schoolhouse course guide with over 130 lessons

  • Habitat Schoolhouse activity workbook

  • Weekly schedule M-F, including directives for each subject of study

  • Daily timetable for structured activities

  • Numeral & Alphabet flash card printables.

  • Three-part card printables

  • and more


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My daughter has never really had much of a vocabulary and since doing our daily lessons she now can say “turtle” and “tree”. The colouring pages were her favourite activity out of everything and we love that Friday is “Field Trip Day’ so we have something to look forward to at the end of the week.
— Hope Connelly
My son is really enjoying it! I love how is so perfectly and plainly laid out for me. That is such a relief since planning is an area where I struggle. It covers everything I would want to cover and then some. The graphics are so beautiful and simple
( Which I love! )
I am looking forward to purchasing the entire curriculum.
— Brandy Gray
Not only is Habitat Schoolhouse beautiful to the eye, it also lays a beautiful feast of study yet gentle for young curious minds. Complete on its own or may be wonderfully paired with supplement material for more inquiring minds, especially thanks to the ease of preparation.
— Brittany Long
It was really great! I initially thought that she would be way too young for many of the activities, but I was pleasantly surprised!! We enjoyed the book choices & the colouring activities the most.
— Carli Kerr
“I am a person who is not a teacher and the idea of homeschooling (even though I want to) is somewhat defeating, I feel like I could really do this! Not only do it but thrive and have my kids thrive.”
— Erica McMahon

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