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At Habitat Schoolhouse we provide wholesome home school resources, support, a home school community, and help you understand all the options that are available to you in the world of homeschooling.


Preschool Curriculum

Our hope that through our wholesome homeschool curriculum you are able to provide the best education for your child. 

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Kindergarten curriculum is in the works and will be available soon!

Kids Summer Programs

These fun summer programs run all summer long so you can keep the fun learning going. These week-long programs offer light lessons with little commitment.

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These workbooks are designed to create a positive attitude about learning and education, introduce structure and a healthy learning environment, develop healthy habits, and create a well-rounded student.

These workbooks are great for individual use or as supplementary material in your home school lessons.


Check out some of our absolute favourite resources - our flashcards!