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A Wholesome Homeschool Curriculum for you and your littles.
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Updates & Announcements:

Our new Teacher’s Lounge Portal is live! This new Lounge has caused some problems getting it up and running for you so we appreciate your patience. This portal is interactive and has everything available that we dreamed of offering you.

Share your favourite lessons and find inspiration in our private Facebook Group designed for wholesome homeschooling parents just like you. Join the Facebook Group >>

We have a Facebook live chat every Monday in our private group. Currently we are going through a seven week series addressing some of the struggles and worries that arise during homeschooling and how to overcome those problems. Join us for our next Facebook Live Monday April 1st, where we are discussing the top ten most common homeschooling mistakes parents make and how to avoid them. Register Here >>

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Upcoming Facebook Live Webinar

We have a Live Facebook chat every Monday morning, feel free to ask questions and tune in. The topic we are covering in this seven week series is how to face homeschooling struggles and fears. If you can’t make it live be sure to check our the replay when you can.

  • Intro Recap: Introduction to your host Charlotte Viau and welcome to our seven part series.

  • Episode 1 Recap: The Top Ten Most Common Mistakes Homeschooling Parents Make.

  • Episode 2 Recap: Money Problems While Homeschooling: How Not To Break The Bank.

  • Episode 3 Air Date: April 1st.

  • Episode 4 Air Date: April 8th.

  • Episode 5 Air Date: April 15th.

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Our early childhood education and curriculum introduces a gentle learning environment, helps develop healthy habits and a well-rounded student who's curiosity leads their love for learning.

We strive to provide wholesome lessons and worksheets for you, so you are able to provide the best education for your child.