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Homeschool Preschool Curriculum


This curriculum is designed to gently introduce your little one to homeschool and create a positive attitude about learning and education


Wholesome Homeschool Curriculum

  • The beautifully designed and illustrated lessons are all planned out for you. There is no extra prep work or materials needed and the stress of planning and researching lessons is all done for you.

  • This curriculum is structured to cover everything your child needs to learn before starting Kindergarten and builds confidence and a love of learning.

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Subjects included:

• Letters &Phonics
• Numbers & Counting
• Shape & Colour
• Arts & Culture
• Animal & Plant Study
• Gross & Fine Motor Skills
• Practical Life Skills

Preschool Curriculum Include

Course Details

• 850 lessons
• Curriculum guide
• 6 activity workbooks
• Weekly schedule
• Daily timetable
• Numeral flash cards
• Alphabet flash cards
• Three-part cards
• + more

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Lessons are designed to:

• Create a positive attitude about learning and education
• Develop a love of stories and books
• Learn the letters of the alphabet
• Increase oral vocabulary
• Introduce structure and a healthy learning environment
• Learn shape and number recognition
• Create a well-rounded student who's ready to start Kindergarten

Easily laid out and structured to guide you through
this precious first season of schooling with your little one.

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Curriculum Details

Life Long Learning Preschool

Join thousands of parents using Habitat Schoolhouse and start encouraging a life long love of learning.

+ Curriculum Guide

This full curriculum guide outlines and details every single lesson. It contains 160 pages of lessons including schedules, booklists, suggested field trips, learning outcomes.

Standard Calendar: Choose between a few teaching options which this book covers in order to fit your fit your little one's ability and your life style. You can go through the curriculum in six months by going through our 4-day-week plan.

Relaxed Calendar Or you can stretch out the lessons in our 12-month plan if your child is younger, a little slower at learning, or if the relaxed pace fits your family and life style better.

Easily laid out and structured to guide you through this precious first season of schooling with your little one.

+ Preschool Workbook One

This full colour workbook is the introduction to the Habitat Schoolhouse Preschool Curriculum. It contains over 70 pages of lessons and acitivites including colouring pages, science experiments, recipies, maps, number and letter tracing, three-part cards and more.

Letters: A, B, C and D

Colours: Yellow, Black, Brown, Blue

Numbers: Children learn to recognize, write and cout to the numbers one through five.

Shapes: Circle, Ovals, Triangles

Animals: Ant, Armadillo, African Animals, Bee, Bug, Butterfly, Bear, Bird, Caterpillar, Chameleon, Dragonfly, Duck

Nature: Apples, Berries, Africa, Clouds, Carrots

+ Preschool Workbook Two

Letters: E, F, G and H

Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Purple

Numbers: Children learn to recognize, write and cout to the numbers one through ten.

Shapes: Crescent

Animals: Earthworms, Fish, Frogs, Hedgehog, Hummingbird, Hippopotamus, Elephant,

Nature: Flowers, Eggs, Earth, Fruit, Garden, Geography, Gorilla, Habitat

+ Preschool Workbook Three

Letters: I, J, K and L

Colours:Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow

Numbers: Children learn to recognize, write and cout to the numbers one through fifteen.

Shapes:Heptagon, Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Heart

Animals: Grasshopper, Inchworm, Jaguar, Katydid, Ladybug, Lion,Koala, Kangaroo, Jellyfish

Nature: Lake, Light, Lemon, Jupiter

+ Preschool Workbook Four

Letters: M, N, O and P Colours: Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink

Numbers: 1 through 20

Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Trapezoid, Oval

Animals: Mouse, Narwhal, Octopus,

Nature: Moon, Mountain, Nest, Kelp, Mango, Oranges, Planets

+ Preschool Workbook Five

Letters: Q, R, S, T and U

Colours: All Colours

Numbers: 1 through 20

Shapes: Crescent, Animals: Tiger, Sloth, Snail, Turtle, Quail, Rabbit, Umbrellabird

Nature: Shells, Sea, Queen Anne’s Lace, Underwater, Rain, Rainbow, Trees, Stars, Shells, Strawberries

+ Preschool Workbook Six

Letters: V, W, X, Y and Z

Colours: Colour Review, Violet

Numbers: 0 through 26

Shapes: Shape Review

Animals: Yak, Whale, Zebra, Vulture

Nature: Water, Weather, Yawning, X-Rays, Vegetables, Violets









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