Shark Week Summer Program

Shark Week Summer Program



Shark Week Summer Program
Shark week makes a huge splash!
(runs July 29 - August 2)


(runs July 29 - August 2)
Shark week makes a huge splash! Dive in with bigger sharks and bigger bites. Gain insights into the mysterious world of these magnificent creatures.

Kids Programs

We offer a variety of learning programs for students from Preschool through Grade 6. This course is an opportunity for students who school at home to meet others and for you, home educators, to connect with other homeschooling parents. We want to provide you with the ability to be a part of a community, to share your discoveries, favourite lessons and be inspired from other homeschooling parents just like you. minute art class per week. This is a fantastic introduction to blended classes and a wonderful way to meet other Habitat Schoolhouse families and friends!

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