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Our Teachers Lounge is a membership for homeschooling parents. You’ll have unlimited access all of our resources, workbooks and more. You’ll also gain access to our private community group and our events.

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Community Group

Join other homeschooling moms and dads. Chat with our staff, find inspiration and examples, ask questions and connect with other parents. Get live updates and find local meetups.

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Full Lessons

Full lessons give you detailed guides and activities to add to your home school routine. Boost your homeschooling reservoir with these enriched downloads.

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Gain unlimited access to printable lessons, worksheets and resources. All of our content is available at your fingertips. Resources and lessons are added monthly to keep our printables current.

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Local Meetups

Find local groups and support. Our membership helps you understand all the options that are available to you in the world of homeschooling.




Go through a list of all our favourite resources, activities and other homeschooling companies to expand your lesson plans.

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Wellness | Learn personal development, well being and practical life skills.


Our early childhood education and curriculum introduces a gentle learning environment, helps develop healthy habits and a well-rounded student who's curiosity leads their love for learning.

We strive to provide wholesome lessons and worksheets for you, so you are able to provide the best education for your child. 

Gain access to all these lessons, worksheets, flashcards and more with your unlimited membership. New lessons are constantly being created and are uploaded bi-monthly for our subscribers.

Access all of this and more for only $17.00!

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Get Unlimited Access for Your Family

Gain Unlimited Access to All Our Resources

  • Printable and digital resources for your children including worksheets, games, activities, songs, stories, and more.

  • Workbooks geared towards preschool through third grade.

  • Focus on math, reading, science, word building, health & wellness and more.

  • Search by subject or by format from our entire library.