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Kid’s Programs

Welcome to Habitat Schoolhouse Programs. We offer a variety of learning programs for students from Preschool through Grade 5. We want to provide you with the ability to be a part of a community, to share your discoveries, favourite lessons and be inspired from other homeschooling parents just like you. These programs are built to encourage learning through discovery and are a wonderful way to meet other Habitat Schoolhouse families and friends!

Programs are free for Premium Members!


Fall Equinox

Ages 3-10

This program is an ode to crisp fall mornings. Connect with nature through handwork crafts, baking and
autumnal literature.


Shark Week

Ages 3+

Shark week makes a huge splash!
Dive in with bigger sharks and bigger bites. Gain insights into the mysterious world of these magnificent creatures.


Preschool Program

Ages 2-5

Go through our full Preschool curriculum along side other parents and teach your child everything they need to know before starting Kindergarten.

free for Premium+ members


Gumboot Kids

Ages 2-5

Children explore the world around them and spend time together learning through discovery, active play and handwork crafts.

coming soon


Kindergarten Program

Ages 4-6

This curriculum is designed to gently introduce your little one to Kindergarten and create a positive attitude about learning and education.

coming soon


Eco Habitat Program

All ages

Embark on a journey to impact this earth. This program will teach children how to interact with their environment, get their hands dirty and make a difference.

coming soon


Nature Explorers

Ages 5-10

Dig into adventure. This programs focus is connecting children with the outdoors.

coming soon


Reading Program

Ages 5-10

Combine literature with STEM activities and develop a solid reading foundation.

coming soon

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