Chuckle & Charm | My Favourite Baby Shoes

Chuckle and Charm has been my favourite shop ever since the first few weeks I was pregnant. 

This amazing momma of three 'believes it is really important for Children and babies to have a sturdy but flexible sole with good grip, especially when learning to walk at the 12-month mark, and that's where her dream began. She set a goal of designing Leather shoes with flexible soles and creating something that looks great but is also comfortable and safe for young babies.' They are shipped and made all the way over in Sydney Australia! 

I have enjoyed watching her company grow from one style of shoe to a wide variety of cute little boots, sandals, and shoes. Each and everyone cuter than the next! We order a new pair (or two or three) every time Jane grows into the next size. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know Kellie a bit and am very excited to see her new launch of winter boots and boys shoes! 

Photos by Chuckle & Charm