Summer Is A Big Juicy Fast Food Cheese Burger

Well, summer sure has knocked me over when it comes to blogging. So many things have gone on it's been hard to keep on top of blogging. I launched a few new e-books and have multiple in the making, I got a job at home working on helping build a brand's social media and blog, I created a YouTube channel, we traveled a lot and spent oodles of time with family. 

I am totally playing catch up on my blog and feel kinda crappy for leaving you all in the dark for a whole MONTH! Although I was creating bi-weekly vlogs that are posted to our YouTube channel. So at least you could follow along with that. 

Currently, I have a tugging on my heart about something that I'll most likely write about in another blog post. But I feel like I need to do more, to make a change and be a better person. I won't say what that change is before it's had all its pieces put together, but I assure you once it's been figured out, you will be the first to know! 

When I say be a better person I'm not saying I'm terrible or have done something wrong but what I can be doing is actively trying to be better. Instead of sitting here on my computer stagnant.  I need to keep moving and growing. 

Chris and I are great and little Jane is just a bundle of joy. Nothing needs to be changed in our lives but what we can do is start with little things to improve our well-being as well as the earth. We've started mindfully recycling and composting. We eat better and try to be more active together as a family with little walks and pool dates. These little things aren't going to make or break us but they sure are starting to make a difference. In our overall health and mind. Heck, I've even started reading.. books! actual paper books. I never even read a thing in university or high school and now look at me. I'm taking the time to sit down and read a book. 

I guess this post is really just a long train of thought that hopefully makes a bit of sense. Basically, I see summer as a big juicy fast food cheese burger with all the bells and whistles and milk shake on the side. Which, I love. It's so delicious, glutenous and distracting .. all consuming even. But now that I'm starting to feel fall creeping nearer it's time for a little slower pace detox and maybe a side salad haha. I need to focus on my blog and reprioritize .. once again. Maybe next summer I'll stay on track and get it right.